Dan John pearls: The best things in life have plateaus


Most people live managing compromises



If you don't avoid sugar, processed carbs, frankenfoods, fast foods or eat colorful veggies or


workout for 1/2 h per day, get preventative dental & health check­ups, then don't worry about


anything else health­wise.




Personal Philosophy 


Chiropractic is an integral part in the struggle to increase the health of the nation.  It’s ideals of 


natural wellness, safe treatments and cost effectiveness are missing components in the healthcare 


system.  Throughout the history of chiropractic, one of its goals has been to change the way patient’s 


view and take care of their body and it still continues to this day.  This goal is more important now than 


ever as more patients are seeking non-radical methods of treatment, are taking more responsibility for 


their health and are realizing the many downfalls to the current healthcare system which treats signs 


and symptoms and not the disease.   Personally, these components of chiropractic are the reasons why I 


wanted to become a doctor.  I wanted to be in a field that looked to aspects of change to increase 


health and cause to find the cure of a patient’s symptomtology.  I believe a large part of why the nation 


is in such a state of chronic disease is lack of or poor education in taking care of oneself and chiropractic 


is the avenue where I can affect the health of the nation one life change at a time. 


Mission Statement 


To provide a service in the form of a doctor-patient team that facilitates education in the body’s 


ability to self-heal.  To foster through this team small improvements and changes in lifestyle by 


instruction in self-care, such as nutrition, exercise and stress management, which will lay the foundation 


for optimal health of the patient.