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55 Elm Street, Delhi, NY

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Delhi/Walton Chiropractors

Dr. Seth Blocker, 607-746-8600 (accepts insurance)

Dr. Anthony Viafore, 607-746-8999

Dr. Jen Constable, 607-746-8225

Dr. Walt Shapiro, 607-746-7187 (accepts insurance)

Dr. Richard Schmidt, 607-865-5500 (accepts insurance)

Oneonta Chiropractors (all accept insurance)

Dr. David Picinich, 607-433-2225

Dr. Pete Taverone, 607-432-0093

Southside Chiropractic, 607-433-9661

Bainbridge/Sidney Chiropractors (all accept insurance)

Dr. Doddy Crissell, Germond Chiropractic, 607-967-2000

Dr. Joe Tabone, 607-563-1389

Certified Massage Therapists


Kaima Nelson-Bowne, 607-746-7236

Jessica Bouton, 845-428-1735

Hillary Trelease, 607-437-0830


Kendra Deno, 607-353-0140

Rachel James, 607-269-5020



Chanda Mischevis, 607-437-0423

Kristin Sloth, 607-433-2536

Lara Frankl, 607-229-7044

Jennifer Mancke, 607-435-1609

Delhi/Oneonta Acupuncturist

Greg Mukai, 607-746-8880 

Laura Reyda, 607-353-2499

T: 607-267-7263
F: 607-746-7234

River House

55 Elm Street

Delhi, NY 13753


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