July 6, 2015

It never fails when assessing a patient to find multiple areas that "hurt" while trying to deipher the true cause of someone's complaints and symptoms. This can be due to a trickle effect of compensation that develops when an area of the body isn't biomechanically happ...

June 1, 2013

In my latest information newsletter to a local CSA I wrote about the stark differences between beef finished on corn or grain versus those only finished on pasture.


Grass-fed or pasture-raised beef (look for grass-finished or 100% grass-fed label in grocery store) is p...

Last week I held a class teaching a lucky few how to effectively foam roll and use a lacrosse ball (or tennis ball) to relieve muscle pain. I've uploaded the free hand-out below which you can download for your use and I've linked some YouTube videos for further demonst...

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